Fertilizer Program

5 Step Lawn Fertilizer Program 

    The single most important thing you can do for your lawn is to provide nutrition by fertilizing regularly.  Having your lawn fertilized once or twice a year isn't helping as much as it might be hurting; this feast and famine approach is actually making your lawn suffer.  During the long periods between feedings the grass is deficient in nutrients and doesn't have the resources to stand up to normal everyday stress.

     When the grass hasn't been fed after a long period of time dirt becomes too rich too quickly inviting diseases and insects.  Providing your grass with regular meals is the best way to ensure it develops into a strong and healthy  lawn.  We use a high quality fertilizer. Below is an outline of our five step program.


Step #1 (late March-early April)

      A balanced treatment to promote early Spring green up and to help recover from winter damage, while thickening lawns to prevent future weed problems.  Includes a pre-emergent to prevent unwanted annual grasses and weeds from germinating.

Step #2 (later April-early May)

      Time released nitrogen to improve color and density and to prepare for summer stress as well as a blanket application of broadleaf weed control. Spot spraying for weeds in lawn.

Step #3 (June-July)

      Balanced, granular time-released treatment to maintain color and vigor throughout summer (plus spot treatment of weeds) along with a preventative insecticide to be stored in the lawns root system before damage is done.

Step #4 (August-September)

      Time released nitrogen to thicken grass and promote root growth and repair after summer stress. Also includes a second application of broadleaf weed control.  Spot spraying for weeds in lawn.

Step #5 (late October-early November)

      High nitrogen treatment with a nutrient supply to prepare for winter.  Very important for survival of a harsh Winter and early Spring green up.

Remember the development of healthy thick turf prevents the establishment of many weeds & disease pests Call Now!!!