Aeration and Dethatching


Aeration helps to provide adequate amounts of vital nutrients including water, oxygen, nitrates, phosphorus, and potassium that otherwise would be unable to easily reach the roots.  Aerators also relieve soil compaction by removing evenly-spaced cores of turf up to 3 inches in depth.  Once the soil is aerated, air exchange is improved and the soil can easily absorb water, fertilizer and other nutrients.  Overall aeration will promote deeper root growth for a future lawn that is lush, healthy and drought resistant.


Dethatching is considered as a significant part of lawn care and maintenance because it helps get rid of the various layers of dead plants and grass that exists in your lawn. Dead plants need to be removed because they can stop nutrients and water getting to the roots of your plants. At the same time, the dead material can also act as the breeding ground for various lawn diseases that have the tendency to spread quickly.